Monday, December 28, 2009

Invention and Implications

Nowadays, invention is gradually changing faster and faster and the human being cannot follow it to be as faster as it. The new invention is covered in many aspect of technology such as computer, mobile phone, automobile, electronic device and many more. By the coming of the new field of technology like robotic, it make these aspect of technology become more sophisticated from time to time and by combining the technology to each other will make our life more comfortable and enjoyable. For example in the past we can listen the music by only through radio, after that the Japanese had introduce walkman and discman under its giant electronic company- Sony. The implication of this invention make the lifestyle changing rapidly especially for the youth, where at that time we can see that many of the youth and student using walkman in bus, and at the public area. After that the mobile phone was introduce in bigger size and until now it become smaller and smaller. In the latest technology of the mobile phone, we can find that it not only for the communication purpose but we can get benefit more from this latest technology. In the mobile phone, we can listen the radio, mp3, video, take a photo using the camera, playing game and now, latest technology we can use is surfing the internet by using iphone.

Actually, every invention had their implications whether it good or bad. We cannot deny of this two implications from be happen if the new invention become use by human being. So, I think when we create or built the new invention, we should use all capacity of our mind created by our God to minimize the negative aspects of invention as long as it not effect the whole invention itself at the same time. This thing should be done for every inventor to make sure every new invention cannot affect the large impact in the future not only to the human society but also in the environment. When doing some research about the invention, the inventor should not think just for their profit to get them more richer than before but the most important thing that they should consider to make people who use their invention and also people surrounding not just get benefit from the new invention but not get harm from the invention directly or indirectly and also not harmful for the environment and in the world that the people live in. Every inventor should think about the long term affect of their invention, where although our generation was not be longer in this world, but we inherit this world to our children. So make sure the world that we inherit to them at least the good as we live now.

Rintihan Seorang Hamba

Terima kasih wahai Tuhanku
Yg sentiasa melimpahkan rahmatNya
Membenarkan aku menghadapmu Tuhan
Yg Maha Pengasih dan Maha Penyayang
Untuk bercakap dgn mu Tuhan
Mengizinkan ku pinta pada Mu
Memuja memuji, Sepenuh hati ku
Memohon munajat pada Mu Ya Rabbi
Ku khuatir Ketika menghadapMu
Tidak pula pandai beradab dengan Mu
Aku mula bimbang, Kalau aku derhaka
Jalan ketaatan bukan rahmat dariMu yg ku dapat
Tapi ku kan dapat
Ya Rabbal Alamin
Maafkan lh aku..
Ya Rabbal Alamin…maafkan aku..

Kepadamu teman
ku persembahkan ucapan terima kasih
Sudi menerimaku di sudut hati
Semoga kekal abadi
Kau dihatiku
Terpahat padu segala suka dan duka
Harapan agar subur kembali
Kenangan itu seiring bersama cita-citaku
Kepada mu teman

Apalah yang kau kesalkan
Kerna Tuhan kau kehilangan kawan
Kerna kebenaran dihina
Jgn kau ragu dalam keimanan
Kadang…….kadang kawan jadi lawan
Kadang2 lawan jadi kawan
Apalah di sedihkan hati
setiap insan didlm kepuraan
jgn sedih..selalu tersisih
bukan kau saja ditimpa malang
ingatlah….para Rasul mulia
lebih tersiksa menderita
mereka bahagia dalam derita
mereka kaya di dalam papa
mereka memadai dengan tuhannya..
itulah kebahagiaan di waktu sempit seorang diri
kwn jgnlah disedihkan hatimu…

Anggerik Putih

Prophet Daniel

Allah Saves Daniel from the Lions

Ibn Abi Al-Dunya narrated the following, based on a chain of citations. Nabuchadnezzar captured
the two lions and threw them into a pit. He then brought Daniel and threw him at them; yet they
did not pounce at him; rather, he remained as Allah wished. When then he desired food and drink,
Allah revealed to Jeremiah, who was in Sham (Palestine/Syria): "Prepare food and drink for
Daniel." He said: "O Lord I am in Jerusalem while Daniel is in Babylon (Iraq)." Allah revealed to
him: "Do what I have commanded you to do, and I shall send you one who will carry you and
what you have prepared." Jeremiah did so and Allah sent him something that would carry him
until he arrived at the brink of the pit.
Then Daniel asked: "Who is this?" He answered: "I am Jeremiah." He asked: "What brought
you?" He answered: "Your Lord sent me to you." He said: "And so my Lord has remembered
me?" He said: "Yes." Daniel said: "Praise be to Allah Who never forgets those who appeal to
Him! And Praise be to Him Who compensates good with good, rewards patience with safety,
dispels harm after distress, assures us when we are overwhelmed, and is our hope when skill fails us."
Daniel After Death
Yunus Ibn Bakeer reported that Muhammad Ibn Ishaaq reported that Abu Khalid Ibn Dinar
reported that Abul Aa'lia said: "When Tastar was invaded, we found, in the treasure house of
Al-Harmazan, a bed on which lay a dead man, with a holy script at his bedside. We took the
scripture to Umar Ibn Al Khattab. He called Ka-b and he translated it into Arabic, and I was the
first Arab to read it. I read it as I read the Qur'an." Here, I (Khalid Ibn Dinar) said to Abul Aa'lia:
"What was in it?" He said: "Life history, annals, songs, speech, and what is to come." I asked:
"And what did you do with the man?" He said: "We dug in the river bank thirteen separate graves.
At nightfall we buried him and leveled all the graves in order to mislead people for they would
tamper with him." I asked: "And what did they want from him?" He said: "When the sky was
cloudless for them, they went out with his bed, and it rained." I asked: "Who did you think the
man was?" He said; "A man called Daniel." I asked: "And for how long had he been dead when
you found him?" He said: "Three hundred years." I asked: "Did not anything change on him?" He
said: "No, except for the hairs of his face (beard, and mustache); the skin of the prophets is not
harmed by the earth, nor devoured by hyenas."
The chain of citation from Abul Aa'lia is good, but if the date of the dead man's death was really
three hundred years, then he was not a prophet but a saintly an, because there was no prophet
between Isa (Jesus)(pbuh), and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), according to the hadith in
Bukhari. The span between them (the dead man and Muhammad (pbuh)) was variously reported
as four hundred, six hundred, and six hundred twenty years. It could be that he had died eight
hundred years earlier, which would be near to Daniel's time, if his being Daniel is correct.
However, he could still have been somebody else, either a prophet or a saint. Yet the truth is
more likely he was Daniel, because he had been taken by the King of Persia and remained
imprisoned as already mentioned.
It was narrated with a correct citation that his nose as one span (nine inches) long. Anas Ibn
Malik, with a good citation, said that his nose was an arm's stretch long (two feet), on which basis
he is thought to be an ancient prophet from before this period. Almighty Allah knows best.

Daniel's Death - Hadith

Ibn Abu Dunya reported from Abu Bilal that Abu Musa found with Daniel a holy script and a
container in which were dirhams, his ring and ointment. He wrote to Umar, who replied: "Send
the scripture to us, send some of the ointment, tell the Muslims who are with you to use it, share
the dirhams among them, and leave the ring for you.
Abu Bakr Ibn Abu Dunya related without citation that when Abu Musa was told that he was
Daniel, he stayed with him, embraced him, and kissed him. Then he wrote to Umar that he found
with him nearly ten thousand Dhirhams. It used to be that people came to borrow from it, and if
they did not return it, they became sick. Umar ordered his burial in a grave to be kept secret and
the money to be sent to the treasury, with the box and the ring a gift to him (Abu Musa).
It is related of Abu Musa that he told four of the captives to dam the river and dig a grave in the
middle, where he buried him. Then he beheaded the four captives in order for the secret to be kept
from all except himself.

Daniel's Ring

Ibn Abu Dunya also reported, by a chain of citations, that a ring was seen on the hand of Ibn Abu
Barda Ibn Abu Musa. The gem was carved with two lions with a man between them, whom they
were licking. Abu Barda said: "This is the ring of that man whom the people of this town say is
Daniel. Abu Musa took it the day he was buried. The learned people of the town told Abu Musa
that soothsayers and astrologers told the king in Daniel's time that a boy would be born who
would destroy him and his kingdom. So the king swore to kill all the baby boys, except that they
threw Daniel in the lions' den, and the lion and lioness began to lick him and did not harm him. His
mother came and took him. Abu Musa said: "And so Daniel carved his image and the image of the
two lions into the gem of his ring, for him not to forget Allah's blessing upon him in this.'" This
has a good citation.


Hai anak Adam !!!!!!!
Berjalanlah di atas perutku…. tetapi ingatlah!!.......
Engkau akan masuk ke dalamnya kelak…..

Hai anak Adam !.......
Engkau melakukan maksiat di atas belakangku, tetapi ingatlah!!....
Engkau akan diazab di dalam perutku…….

Hai anak Adam !!!!!!!
Engkau ketawa di atas perutku, tetapi ingatlah!!.....
Engkau akan menagis di dalam perutku…….

Hai anak Adam !!!!!!!
Engkau bergembira di atas belakangku, ingatlah!!.....
Engkau akan kecewa di dalam perutku……

Hai anak Adam !!!!!!!
Engkau mengumpul harta di belakangku, ingatlah!!...
Engkau akan menyesal dalam perutku….

Hai anak Adam !!!!!!!
Engkau makan benda yang haram, ingatlah!!...
Engkau akan dimakan oleh ulat dalam perutku…….

Hai anak Adam !!!!!!!
Engkau angkuh di belakangku, ingatlah!!...
Engkau akan dihina dalam perutku….

Hai anak Adam !!!!!!!
Engkau berlari dengan riang di atas belakangku, ingatlah!!...
Engkau akan jatuh dalam perutku dalam keadaan dukecita…….

Hai anak Adam !!!!!!!
Engkau hidup di dunia bersiramkan matahari,
bulan dan bintang di atas belakangku ingatlah!!...
Engkau akan tinggal dalam kegelapan dalam perutku….

Hai anak Adam !!!!!!!
Engkau hidup di atas belakangku beramai-ramai, tetapi ingatlah!!...
Engkau akan keseorangan dalam perutku….

Oleh itu, marilah sama-sama kita mengingati peringatan ini untuk menjadi seoarang insan yang sedarkan diri………..


Nowadays, to get the goods whether for our necessity or for other purposes, we need to have the money. So for today’s life, money is very important for human being to ensure they can survive in this worldly life. The one who have more money, the more well their life, where they can get anything they want in this world.

Realizing the importance of the money in life, people always thinking and make all their effort to get the money. One of the ways to get the money is by borrowing from the relatives, friends and financial institutions. But when the debt is increase, the borrower will suffer the stress cause of thinking their debts. So before the debt increase more, we should think how to reduce it. One of the methods is by managing your monthly expenditure well. At the early month, or after you get your salary pay, before you spend your money, you should plan the things you want to buy for that month. But you must bear in mind that you should separate one part of your salary amount as your monthly saving.

The second method is by concentrating only buying the necessary goods and not to spend more on the things that you think is unnecessary or luxury things for you and family. But it does not mean that you cannot buy the luxury things at all. When you think, you had extra money; you can spend it for these things. The third method is cooking the food at home with all your family members. By doing this, you can cut your monthly spending a lot, if you compare with when you eat at the restaurant.

These are some of the method to reduce the debts before it getting larger and larger. So, this method is applicable for all the people no matter what are their status, race or religion.